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"Every year, we start with 15,000 to 20,000 student athletes nationwide who fit our profile for football. On any given day, I get between 10 and 15 emails from prospects. If they're from my area, I try to watch their video immediately, and to look at their profile. The more information and contact with the coaches, the better. You can never get too much information out there about yourself. All things being equal—academics, skill set, position—if we know a recruit is extremely interested in Dartmouth, then that would definitely increase his stock."

- Christopher Wilkerson, Associate Head Coach, Football, Dartmouth College

"The truth is, there are a lot of books and websites on the market today that are designed to help aspiring HS student-athletes market themselves to college coaches. What Binder does in his readable book is to cut through a great deal of the bureaucracy of the college recruiting system and presents the basics that any athlete and their parents would need to know.
There are several important nuggets in the book, but one of the best is a chart which details just how meaningful it is to receive a questionnaire from a college coach, or a follow-up email, or a personal phone call from a coach, or to be asked to visit the campus, or to be told you’re an official recruit by the admissions office. The analysis is worth knowing.
As Binder points out, the sooner you know just how serious that college coach is about bringing you on board, the better you’ll know where you stand. True, some of the advice in the book is a bit simplistic (e.g. play on a travel team, sign up for showcases in order to be seen), but overall, for the HS athlete who is just beginning to think about playing sports in college, this is a good primer with which to start."
-Coach Rich Wolff
National Sports Journalist & WFAN Radio Sports Talk Show Host

"Experience, candor and genuine concern for the student-athlete and their ability to maximize the potential to play at the next level are central to Steven’s presentation. A concise, detailed account to help any student-athlete and his/her family navigate the recruiting process from start to finish! A must read if your child aspires to play at the college level.”
- Ed Reilly, Director of Athletics, 
Worcester Academy and NEPSAC Board Member

"Steven Binder is an extremely powerful and engaging speaker. Steven speaks from experience on many different levels where his messages leave an ever lasting impression that are motivating and chalk filled with information, for both the student athlete and their parents.” 

-  Mike Kersker,

Athletic Director, Waring School & Founder/Chairman,

Aztec Soccer

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