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Who is this playbook for?

This playbook is for student athletes, but it also offers useful information for their parents, high school and travel team coaches, and guidance counselors. They play valuable roles in helping student athletes recruit themselves, and I’ll tackle those roles in greater detail throughout the book.

Do I have to start recruiting myself at a specific time?

It’s ideal to start the process in your freshman or sophomore year. The earlier you start, the more time you have to connect with college coaches and build relationships to better your chance of being recruited . If you are a junior or senior and you haven’t started recruiting yourself yet, not to worry. While an earlier start is ideal, there are still many ways to make yourself an attractive candidate to both coaches and admissions counselors. For the juniors and seniors, start by reading Chapter 9: Streamlining the Process, discusses  jump starting to your recruiting process.

Does it matter which sport I play?

No. Virtually all colleges reserve spots in the admissions process for their sports teams for almost every sport.​

Does it matter if I’m being recruited already?

This book will help the student athlete who is being recruited as much as the one who is not! No student athlete is recruited by every school that would be a suitable match. This playbook can help you expand the pool of colleges that consider you. 

What about those recruiting services I hear so much about, that email coaches for you and let you upload videos to their sites?

Those services can be a help to some student athletes, but they are by no means absolutely essential, nor do they eliminate the need to recruit yourself. While they can act as a nice supplement, nothing replaces the personal contact and relationship building that is required, and necessary, to set yourself apart from other athletes.

  • Second Edition of the Playbook Out Now, Featuring New Content & Chapters

"I was not being recruited at all before I used the simple step-by-step action plan outlined in YOUR RECRUITING PLAYBOOK. After recruiting myself to college coaches, I received 6 offers.
-Kevin, basketball player, New York"

"The student athlete experience in college can be rich, vast and rewarding for a young adult. For both students and parents, there are important steps to be taken in the process. For those who have the mission of participating in college athletics, Steven Binder provides an honest and insightful road map on how to achieve that goal."
-Sunil Gulati, President, U.S. Soccer Federation

"Your Recruiting Playbook... Maximize Your Opportunities To Play College Sports in insightful because it is easy to read, gives the information you need and a step by step process to get your student athlete recruited by college coaches.  A must read!!!"

- Kelly Shulze, Community Events, Barnes & Noble

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-"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish"