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"Attended other recruiting talks that simply do nothing more than take your money. Binder is out to help people and he does. His live events and book are perfect. He sells nothing else. Plus, he was reachable by cell or email for follow up free advice. Steven is the real deal."
- Dan, Travel Coach​

Live Events...

Steven speaks at high schools and sporting events nationwide. Through his live and interactive seminars, he has helped thousands of people with the college sports recruiting process. Steve has also been interviewed as an expert on college recruiting by ESPN, The New York Times, The Daily News, The Journal News, WFAN Radio and News Channel 12 Television.

The seminar provides information that you will use to get noticed by college coaches.  High school student athletes and their parents need to take a proactive approach to recruiting. College coaches can’t see all potential players of who they need to recruit due to limited time and resources. As a result, many talented athletes do not play college sports. It is imperative and mandatory to recruit yourself.  A tactical approach with ideas & resources will be discussed so you can be effective interacting with college coaches. 

"Last night's presentation was extremely well received by athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators. The presentation was thorough and professional. Everyone was able to take something from it. I received nothing but positive feedback from all. I've coached for 38 years and thought I was very familiar with the process. But I learned from your presentation things that I didn't know. Only wish I could have heard you present 38 years ago! I will recommend this to all of my colleagues."
- Lou Panzanaro, Athletic Director, Peekskill HS

Topics Covered

Steven Binder speaks with college coaches and administrators nationwide and has found that they are all after the same thing: for parents and their student athletes to be realistic about the opportunity to play at the next level. 

As a collegiate recruiting advocate, Steven has been helping and advising high school student athletes with the recruiting process for over 30 years, placing thousands of student athletes at the college level.  When it comes to the students, parents, and coaches who are involved in the collegiate athletic recruiting process, there’s nothing Steve hasn’t seen. 

As a former college basketball academic all-american nominee from Curry College and the father of two collegiate athletes, Binder knows how complex the process can be for high school students and their families.  Plus, with conducting recruiting seminars, providing individual guidance and running showcases, his advice is valuable to people taking action in this process. To help, Steven wrote “Your Recruiting Playbook, Maximize Your Opportunities to Play College Sports”. The Playbook is a step-by-step guide on how to get recruited for college sports. Steven is also featured on ESPN & WFAN as a college recruiting expert.    

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All Speaking Events include the following:

  • 75 minute live speaking event to student athletes, parents, coaches, teachers and administrators, which is interactive, ensuring all questions from the audience are answered. Group & personalized attention is guaranteed.
  • We will also discuss these 4 most important questions: 
            1. Next 4 years and 40 years, what is the college               experience and education you desire?
            2. College selection: who picks whom?
            3. Playing time?
            4. Getting college funded?
  • High school college guidance counselors roundtable discussion and “how-to”  session for assisting student athletes & parents with the recruiting process.
  • NCAA guides for the potential college bound student athletes, which includes eligibility information and regulation  changes. This guide is a must read and will be supplied free of charge!
  • Special pricing for the award-winning book Your Recruiting Playbook...Maximize Your Opportunities To Play College Sports
  • The live events have helped tens of thousands of student athletes by providing a step-by-step guide on how to proceed in the recruiting process. The seminar is beneficial to high school student athletes (grade 9-12), parents, coaches, and guidance counselors.
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Steven F. Binder - Author, Speaker & Advisor 

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  • Pre-game: How to determine the best college fit for the student athlete. 
  • Game On: How to get noticed and be recruited by college coaches in any sport.
  • The Home Stretch: The process of choosing the right college so the student athlete can benefit from a strong academic and athletic experience, and position themselves for a successful career after college.
  • High school student athletes, parents and coaches need to take a proactive approach to recruiting. College coaches won’t be able to see every player, and because of that, not every talented player will have the opportunity to become a collegiate athlete.   The true difference maker is recruiting yourself - make the coaches notice you. 
  • Getting college funding: options, financial aid, scholarships, myths vs. realities… be informed so you are better prepared to get what you want.
  •  Relationship building with college coaches, admissions officers and how to utilize your high school guidance counselor better. You will be given useful tips and informtion that will allow you to be more successful with these important people who are key in the process

-"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish"

"The recruiting seminar was excellent. There is a real misperception of how the recruiting process works today. Steven charts out a plan for student athletes and their parents in a clear, discussion style format that empowers them to find the best fit for the student athletically as well as academically. Steven's accessibility beyond the seminar for parents, athletes, guidance counselors and coaches offers incredible support for our district athletes."
-Brian Burrow, Director of Physical Education,
Athletics & Health, Putnam Valley High School