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-"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish"

Steven F. Binder - Author, Speaker & Advisor 

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1) Do you truly understand how to navigate the recruiting process and have the confidence on what to do next ?    
2) Do you know on how to be proactive, market or recruit yourself to college coaches ?
3) Have you built a solid action plan on how to get recruited to play college sports ?
4) Are you currently receiving consistent & favorable communication from the college coaches you want to hear from ?
5) Do you have the necessary tools and information to help ensure a successful college sports recruitment process ?

It is very common and quite frankly expected & normal, that people do not confidently answer YES to the above questions. In some cases, partial knowledge can exist in a couple of recruiting areas but, most often, people have no idea on what to do next…It can be overwhelming.

Please read on to see how you can gain the knowledge, guidance & confidence to pursue the college sports recruiting process. You will receive personalized attention, information & guidance, plus, answers to all your own questions when you work with 30+ years College Sports Recruiting Expert, Steven Binder.

YOU want one-on-one coaching about HOW to best succeed in the college sports recruiting process! Then, speak with Steven Binder, award winning author and expert speaker on the topic. Steven has guided thousands of student athletes through the college sports recruiting process, including his own 2 children. He has spoken throughout the USA at high schools, national tournaments, events & athletic director conventions. For over 30 years, Steven has been an advocate in helping young people secure an education, financial aid & scholarships through playing college sports.  Steven appears on national tv and radio as the foremost expert on college sports recruiting.  Even college coaches search him out for advice on high school student athletes & the recruiting process.

It’s all about being proactive or recruiting yourself.  YOU must develop a solid action plan to reach-out to college coaches.  Expect to do the work yourself, your success in getting recruited will be determined by your plan & consistent actions of communication. Please keep in mind, only about 6% of high school student athletes will play a collegiate sport.  This is very hard to do, this will not work out for  everyone, so, having a solid and consistent game plan on how to market yourself is vital.  Otherwise, your chances are very slim.

During a scheduled call or meeting, it will be discussed how best to proceed based upon your education, athletic, financial aid or scholarship goals & make sure you have the right action plan to move forward. Steven’s main point of emphasis will be about the dialogue and communication during these scheduled calls, so student athletes & parents can proceed with the recruiting process themselves.  You can OWN the process and be successful when you have the proper information & guidance.

One-on-one coaching can be flexible for the parents & student athletes.  Each coaching session duration is 45 minutes. No big commitments or monthly plans are required. You have total flexibility.  Plus, you will talk or meet with Steven directly, you will receive personalized guidance.  Depending upon on your needs, a coaching plan can be customized as well.

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“I needed assistance with trying to get more recruiting exposure, and trying to figure out what the college recruiting process was all about. It’s a confusing topic, lots to know. Steven Binder’s guidance & advice was easy to understand. The knowledge he brought to the table was unbelievable. We contacted other recruiting services that just wanted to keep selling me more stuff; I didn’t get that from Steven.   Use Steven & his over 30 years of recruiting experience, you will be very happy.”  M. Thomas, College Athlete, Class of 2022 - Ivy League

“I want to thank Steven Binder for all his help throughout my recruitment. Coach Steven was always there to support and guide me. Coach Steven is terrific at what he does, and has my recommendation to any athlete/family searching for a college scholarship or financial aid !”  C. Bauer, College Athlete, Class of 2021 - University Athletic Association (UAA)

“Due to the help Steven Binder provided, my son was able to get looked at by colleges all over the country. With his athletic abilities & grades along with the efforts of Steven, these are the primary reasons that he landed a scholarship. I recommend working with Steven & reading his award winning book to any and all athletes that are interested in pursuing college athletics.”  S. Williams, Parent of a College Athlete - Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)


“Coach Steven's knowledge & guidance is unsurpassed, he is an expert on recruiting. He was able to show me and my daughter how to get coaches interested, his step by step system and examples were easy to follow. She was not being recruited at all by college coaches and after working with Coach Steven & using his book too, She started getting lots of looks and offers. A great service at a very affordable cost.”  D. Anderson, Parent of a College Athlete - New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC)

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