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-"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish"

Steven F. Binder - Author, Speaker & Advisor 

Owning the
Communication Process
Getting Your Player Through Admissions

“We had no idea about college recruiting, spent money on recruiting services and read lots of information on the internet and none of it helped us take action that worked. His approach of understanding the college recruiting process and the simple action steps to take allowed our child the opportunity to play college athletics. Steven's information is the difference maker.”

- Karen and John, parents of a college student athlete, New York

Is Your Player Good Enough? 

“College sports changed the life of my child. It only happened because we reached out to college coaches first. Steven Binder has over 30 years of experience in helping players get recruited. His simple plan works.”

- Arlene, parent of high school and college athlete, North Carolina

Parents & Coaches Learning Forum...

Read about how Steven Binder educates aspiring collegiate student athletes on the recruiting process on “how & what” to do with a step-by-step approach.

- Review by acclaimed sports journalist Todd Sliss

Setting realistic expectations

  • Realizing a small percentage, 3-6% of high school athlete’s play sports in college, make a list of what’s most important that your student athlete wants to achieve from their college experience. 
  • Always remember: would you still attend that school if you weren’t playing a sport?

Scholarships & financial aid

  • Scholarships and financial aid come in many forms - your child can always supplement their financial aid packages through academic or community based scholarships/grants or student loans. 

Paid scouting services

  • Paid scouting services are not essential in the recruiting process because building personal relationships with college coaches must be done directly. Some services can provide additional counseling and guidance, but be aware it can be expensive. It can be done on your own with the right resources. 

Whether or not to attend a college coaches camp...what questions to ask.

  • College coaches have camps at their schools to “host” players, so further evaluations can take place. You and your child need to be aware when you get to the event there could be 100+ athletes there. It is crucial to have a conversation with the coach before registering. Some examples of what to ask:
  • Where does my child stand in your recruiting process? 
  • Are there other players similar to my son/daughter that you are looking to recruit?
  • By attending this camp, does it increase his/her chances to be selected by you?
  • Please don’t assume because your athlete got “invited” that he/she is a priority recruit. An additional conversation will go a long way so you can manage your expectations. 

Researching & choosing the right school for your student athlete 

  • When compiling your list of potential schools, don’t put sports first! Your child’s main priorities of college is getting a quality education, securing internships, and exploring what interests him/her.