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The Your Recruiting Playbook Resource Center is designed to help provide you with additional information & sources to become better informed about the recruiting process. Remember, ultimately it’s up to the student athlete to get recruited by colleges, do not wait for colleges to contact you. By being more knowledgeable and proactive with recruiting yourself, more opportunities and possibilities will be created. The resources below are purely meant to assist in YOU gaining knowledge. Your Recruiting Playbook does not receive any compensation nor endorse anyone particular of the resources below. Listed information & links are provided to help you become more educated on the recruiting process. 

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Steven F. Binder

"We want contact from the athletes. We want the athlete to be proactive, to take the initiative. If they can’t pick up the phone to call or it’s too much to return an email, I don’t know that they’re going to have that work ethic that we desire out of a student athlete. You can never bug a college coach too much. Unless they told you that they don’t have a spot for you in their program. The more initiative you take, the more you show your desire to be in their program, the better. I’m looking for something that sets an athlete apart."

- Jennifer Mills, Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball,

Clarion University

 “Attended a live event by Steven Binder.  My parents & I thought we knew the in’s & out’s of the recruiting process but, clearly, did not.  His presentation had helpful information and gave us an action plan.  His book was so easy to read and it taught us how to interact with college coaches. Thanks Steven, I recommend it to everyone who wants to play college sports.”
- William, Soccer Player

“We tried expensive recruiting services, recruiting counselors & coaches…they did not work & were expensive.  Realized after reading Steven’s book & calling him on the phone, we knew exactly what to do and how best to proceed.  He is a true expert on college sports recruiting & better yet, he cares about helping people in a nurturing way.”
- Jose & Lucy C., Parents of a collegiate lacrosse player

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