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-"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish"

Steven F. Binder - Author, Speaker & Advisor 

  • Steven Binder has been involved with basketball for over 50 years — as a player, at all levels including college, then a coach, as well as conducting showcases and clinics for over 30 years.
  • He works with beginners, youth, high school, college and professional sports players & teams - including, also, being a past scout for the New York Knicks. 
  • In college, Coach Binder was nationally ranked in the top ten of the NCAA for Free Throw and Field Goal percentage from 1982-1984, and was nominated for the GTE Academic All-New England and All-American teams.

Shooting Skills Coach...

The Shooting Skills Coach helps players achieve results through proper techniques. 

  • What you will learn: Proper fundamentals of becoming an excellent shooter. Repetition is key- training your mind and body so you can shoot consistently is critical to becoming a sharp shooter. 

  • Improving your shot: Observe the pattern of shots taken and missed. Why are shots missed? Learn the fundamentals to become a better shooter. 

  • The System: Learn about B.E.E.F- Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow-through. You will be taught the fundamentals to becoming an accurate and consistent shooter, which includes learning proper mechanics, jump shooting, foul shooting, distance shooting, and importantly, the learned skill of getting open to receive the ball and shoot. 

  • Foul Shooting: Can be the difference in winning and losing games.  Better foul shooting can be learned with proper technique, training & practice.  Increased made free-throw percentages by at least 10 -15%.  The psychology of superior foul shooting will be covered.  Steven has helped players from youth to professional to be more confident & improved free-throw shooters.

  • Take Action: If you want to be a great shooter, improve fundamentals and technique, score more points and enjoy the game even more, call The Shooting Skills Coach.

  • The system teaches confidence and consistency through training and having a positive mental approach.

  • Steven has decades of experience training male and female players

  • My goal is to help players improve their shooting skills and foul shots made, therefore, all instruction fees are reasonable.

For individual or team shooting skills coaching instruction, please contact Steven Binder at or call 914-426-7355.

"Binder's shooting technic and interaction with players lead to extremely positive results for my players." 
-NY Metro High School Coach

​"Steven's shooting techniques helped my players convert more baskets. He instilled confidence with my team."

- Travel/AAU Coach

​"Worked with our players and we increased foul shots made. Steven is an expert."

- Pro Execs & Development

"Our son through Steven's training, became an elite shooter & a better player. Steven is the real deal."

- Parents of a Youth-Aged Player