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"The recruiting process is a difficult and long path to success. The more knowledge and understanding about the recruiting process you have, the better chance you have playing at any level in college."
- Geno Auriemma, Women’s Basketball, University of Connecticut

"Mr. Binder's best-selling book is a practical guide on how to recruit yourself. He spoke to my student-athletes, parents coaches and college counselors. I learned that Mr. Binder had been through the recruiting process as well with his daughters within the last three years, It made his book even more genuine. He wrote the book purely to advocate on behalf of all student-athletes. It belongs in all high school libraries.”​
 - Erica Woda, Director of Athletics, KIPPS College Prep, NYC

"I very much enjoyed your presentation and enthusiasm for helping young people. It is clear, that your information and book is a difference maker for people. The reason being, is that, the information is straight forward and easy to digest. Plus, your approach of giving people step by step instructions is everything. We now have the confidence to begin the process with my twin daughters 'recruiting themselves' to college coaches. Steven, you are a blessing to us because the process can be overwhelming.”​
- Caroline, Mother of Crew & Fencing Athletes